PT Victorindo Jaya Sentosa

Welcome to PT Victorindo Jaya Sentosa. We are a company that stood since 2000 engaged in industrial Seals, Other Mechanical Parts, Belt and Conveyor, conveyor. We were in Komplek Pertokoan Glodok Jaya (Ruko) no 32. Discover the variety of our best products (Stockist, Conveyor Belt, Pulley, Sprocket, Rantai, Tali Kipas) with quality and the best price you can get.

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Company Information PT Victorindo Jaya Sentosa

Company Name
PT Victorindo Jaya Sentosa
Company Details
Address :
Komplek Pertokoan Glodok Jaya (Ruko) no 32 Jakarta Barat
Jakarta , Indonesia
Fax :
(+62) 2162202682
Year Of Establishment
We Sell
Stockist,Conveyor Belt,Pulley,Sprocket,Rantai,Tali Kipas
Introduce Us, PT. Victorindo Jaya Sentosa Is A Company That Stands A Stockist, Distributor And Importer To Supply And Sell Various Sizes Of Conveyor Belt, Pulleys, Sprockets, Chains And Straps Fan Needs Of Your Industry Is Strategically Located In Glodok, West Jakarta. Founded In 2008, Which Is Part Of The Central Group. That Produce Goods In Bogor And Our Marketing Center In Jakarta (Glodok).

Highly Skilled And Experienced Support Has Long Been Master Of His Field. We Specialize In Problem Solving Goods Industry Support And We Provide Quality Goods. Hopefully The Supply Of Goods Fast And Friendly Service And Can Assist You In The Proper Technical Problems Encountered.

Our Promise, Will Be Committed To Providing Quality, Service And Best Prices.